Amazing Automotive Engines

I just put together an article on some Amazing Automotive Engines. Click the link to read about famous flat engines by Ferrari, Subaru, Porsche and notable engines by BMW, Mazda and Nissan !


Rally America photos 2011 – STPR

I have a gallery of photographs I took at this year’s big rally in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Take a look !

Rally America – STPR 2011 Photo Gallery

Dan Wheldon dies in IndyCar crash

Daniel Clive Wheldon, British racing car driver


In a very unfortunate and large scale crash today at an IndyCar race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, British racing driver Dan Wheldon died due to unrecoverable injuries after his car became airborne and crashed into a wall at turn 2.

The race was canceled following the accident.
Racing is an inherently dangerous sport, even with all of the improvements in safety response, equipment and race car engineering. While it is always possible for tragedies like this to occur, it is always a sad day when the racing world loses a driver.